Ben Was balls, also called Kegel balls, come in small sizes. These weighted balls can be inserted by a woman into her vagina. One of the most common beliefs is that these little balls help in carrying out pelvic or vaginal strengthening exercises. Another very common belief regarding Ben wa balls is that they can help in improving sexual relationships since they increase pleasure. The problem with these claims is that they are just that- claims. There is no scientific basis that can be used to back up these claims. Here we will get to know Ben wa balls better and in the process dispel some of the most common myths surrounding it.

Common facts about Ben wa balls

  • Ben wa balls are small. They can range (in diameter) from the little size of marbles to one or two inches.
  • Some of these balls are constructed out of metal, but other materials like plastic are also used. The metal balls are put inside to give the toy its weight.

How to get used to these balls?

Women are ideally supposed to carry out Kegel exercises 3 times a day in sets of ten. But no one does that. Everyone is busy and people tend to forget. So these balls help in cutting than exercise time into half. Here’s how it’s recommended generally to use them if you do use them:

  • Wear these balls when you are getting dressed for work or something in the morning. Do this around three to five times a week.
  • If you get secure with time, wear these while you are out shopping, to work, to the gym, etc. Honestly, use them whenever you can.
  • Once you feel like you can use them and have a good idea of how to control these things, then you can even wear them on a date.
  • You should do kegel exercises without the ben wa balls first to prevent injuries or sprain from using them. Incorporate these balls only after you are comfortable using them.

The concept with this is that your body will be fighting to keep these little balls in the entire time. So basically, you will be doing Kegels the entire time. It’s like being perpetually at the gym.

How to add these ben wa balls to your exercise routine?

  • First, lie down on the back then lubricate the little toy before inserting it in your vagina.
  • Now squeeze the pelvic muscles around these little balls.
  • Keep that position to around 5 seconds.
  • Then release the pelvic muscles, take a little rest and then repeat what you did. Try to get in five squeezes in one set and aim for the ideal three sets every day.
  • You can also use these balls with a partner. Your partner can either pull out these balls or you can keep it inserted in your vagina during sexual intercourse. But don’t insert the Ben wa balls in your anal cavity as they are not made for that. Using the appropriate anal stimulation toys for that.

Common myth- it’s safe to put Ben wa balls in their vagina

It really might not be safe to put Ben wa balls right inside someone’s vagina. People who are looking for ways to improve their sexual pleasure to pelvic floor muscles should try out some alternative methods.

Common myth: Ben wa balls can be used for tightening vaginal muscles

Some use these balls so that it becomes easier for them to perform the level exercises. Kegel exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and vagina. With this, a person’s sexual satisfaction may be improved with the tightening of the vagina. But existing research says that making use of these vaginal comes might be no use at all. There is no such connection between these balls and vaginal tightening. But one of the smaller studies did say that trails with a larger sample might be needed to accurately gauge if the balls are effective.

Common myth: These balls can help with sexual satisfaction

As for the belief about Ben wa balls helping increase sexual pleasure? The very people who make these balls say that these balls can improve vaginal sex and should be used as foreplay toys. But here too there is not much evidence to support this claim.

How to use Ben Wa balls

Here’s how you should use Ben wa balls:

  • Use lubrication:If you are interested in using these little balls and seeing for yourself if they indeed work, then make sure that there’s a lot of lubrication. Lubrication is the one thing that will help you here. Use lots of it to ease the toy in and then out comfortably of the vaginal space.
  • Use the string: These balls come with a string attached of course so that they can be easily removed. Make sure the string is within reach so that you can pull these little balls out safely and easily.
  • Use clean hands: Make sure that balls, as well as your hands, are clean before putting in the Ben wa balls.
  • 5 minute trial: Before putting these balls in, people should make use of them in a sort of a trial run for a few minutes. This will help them judge if their body will be able to tolerate the use. Of course, for some people, it gets better with practice, but at least with this, you will get to know if it’s worth using it.

Are non-vibrating Ben wa balls better than vibrating ones?

The answer is not really. Both are good. You can and should use both if that’s what you like. However, these Ben wa balls become progressively weighted. So you would like to increase the weight then you can try these. Apart from these, some toys can be controlled by using an app as well.

Hopefully, this has helped in dispelling some of the most common myths about these balls and has educated someone about how to go about really using them if that’s the case. Reading helpful articles can really make every experience safe, so if you like more articles about Ben Wa Balls, and other products, you can get these at lovegasm.

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