Masturbation can be great for your mental health. It can help you relax and relieve any sexual tension. People masturbate in various ways, but have you tried hands-free masturbation? Here’s why you’ll love it!

Self-stimulation is key

Masturbation has more benefits than you can possibly imagine. Just think about it — have you ever had a bad day, but masturbation made it a whole lot better? That’s only one of the benefits.

Let’s be realistic — you won’t always have a partner to be sexually active with. Sad as that is, you still have the means to achieve great orgasms. All you need to do is explore your wants and needs, and you’re good to go.

Having solo sex is also a great way to enhance your sex life with a future partner. But what if we tell you that solo sex doesn’t need to be a hassle anymore?

Get to know yourself better

This kind of self-stimulation is an amazing way to get to know yourself better. This is how people usually become more comfortable with themselves and their sexualities. You don’t need a partner to teach you how to love yourself the right way when you can easily do it alone.

Not only will you find out what you like or even discover new fetishes, but you’ll also be able to learn a lot about yourself as a person. To conclude, masturbation can really be life-changing at times.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to be more independent. This is especially good for people who think they need to have sex with other people for a good orgasm. That’s so far from the truth. Once you start reaching orgasms on your own, you’ll realize that you don’t need other people to reach that point of ecstasy.

Why not try something new?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, masturbating the same way for years can get pretty boring. At that point, self-stimulation will start feeling like a chore, and that’s definitely something it shouldn’t be. It should be fun and exciting, and that’s why you should try something new.

What you can do is experiment with new techniques or positions. Don’t just lie on your back while you wait for things to be over. Putting yourself in different positions will definitely help and give your solo sessions a bit of spice.

There’s no need to be shy about using different household items to enhance your masturbation. No, we’re not talking about using vegetables of suggestive shapes. We’re talking about showerheads and jacuzzi jets. Since not everyone has a jacuzzi, we’ll focus more on the showerheads.

Women know what we’re talking about when we talk about the pleasure that stems from showerhead masturbation. It’s also hands-free. That means you’re free to do whatever else you want while stimulating yourself. Your options are mostly limited to stimulating your other erogenous zones, but that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

This kind of hands-free experience can be achieved even when you’re not in the shower. Yes, we’re talking about specific kinds of sex toys.

Look dad, no hands

Hands-free masturbation might sound like a myth for some. However, what if we told you that there are auto-masturbators that do all the work for you? Yeah, sounds like a dream come true! These handy toys exist though, and if you don’t have one — you seriously shouldn’t miss out Lovegasm.

It’s easy to imagine what hands-free toys look like for women. They can just insert or attach them, and they’re good to go. Sometimes, vibrations are all you need for a good orgasm. On the other hand, what about men? Luckily, auto-masturbators for men exist as well.

These incredible toys can offer so much to the user. Different types allow for various kinds of stimulation. Whether they have stroking or sucking motions, their purpose is for you to have to invest minimum effort. No more straining your wrist just to feel good.

Auto-masturbators allow you to do other things while things are happening down there. Use that time to play with other erogenous zones, involve anal play if you’re feeling spicy, or just get the work done. With all of this in mind, these toys are a must-have for anyone who wants to enhance their pleasure.

Reach your dreams, achieve climax

We mentioned the possibility of multitasking during masturbation. If you can do that and focus on multiple things at once, these toys are a great investment for you. Why? Simply because you can get a lot done. You don’t have to invest much effort in your masturbation sessions.

Now, you can enjoy many upcoming orgasms while answering important emails, doing work, writing papers, or even doing chores! It all depends on the kind of toy you decide to get.

We can all agree that the convenience you get from these toys is unmatchable. Other toys do a great job helping you reach orgasms too, but you still have to be the one operating them. Auto masturbators, on the other hand, are the only ones that give you the freedom to do other things as well.

If you’ve ever tried to focus on something else while masturbating, you’ll know that it’s hard. That’s why this will be a great mental and physical practice. Not only will you learn how to multitask better, but you’ll train yourself to last longer with future partners.

Hands-off experience

To conclude, we know that you can achieve orgasms through solo play. You don’t really need a partner to help you out. With auto masturbators, you’ll bring the convenience to a whole new level. That means you’ll be reaching orgasms without any hassle or anyone’s help.

Not everyone is longing for the hands-off experience though. That may be because they’ve never had it in the first place. We recommend trying to play with a showerhead and see where that takes you. If you like it, you can always add more and take it to the next step with these convenient toys. Trying new things doesn’t hurt, but it can definitely be life-changing.

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