Love and relationships are the best part of one’s life. But at the same time, they are also very difficult to handle at times. It tends to be very complicated at some point of time in life so people prefer to leave or rather come out of such relations. Living and sharing life with somebody can be very tough at times but if we look at the other side of it then we all need a companion with whom we like to share our lives. Relationship of love and marriage gives us a companion for life. Friends are of course the best companies but friends are not the life partners in most of the cases. Life partners share a completely different and the most special kind of bond with us.

These days the status of the relationship has changed. In terms of life partners or lovers also several categories exist for sharing the relationships. Some people are committed to only one partner for life and so they get married, some couple does not engage themselves into the institution of marriage so they just stay together like in live-in relationships and some like to be in open relationships. Open relationships are not very common to date as other forms of relationships. In today’s generation, the meaning of the relationship has changed. The relationship of marriage used to be considered as a very sacred relation in the older period but as of now, the situation has changed for the entire world.

Open relationships are becoming popular these days but are still not very acceptable for many of the people in the world. Bur as it is correctly said that any relationship can not work by applying force, and for a relationship to work in a better way both the partners should take mutual decisions. So for open relations also both the partners should give consent to each other and then work on it mutually. There are several ways to you can tell your partner that you want an open relationship. Some of the ways are being mentioned below.

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship is a kind of relationship where both the partners agree to the point that their partners could have sexual relations outside, that is, with some other person. Like for example if two people are married or in a love relationship but they want to have multiple sex partners (the reasons of which could be several), then such relationships are known as open relationships.

Open relationships are new for the current world, earlier this was practiced but not freely and openly. This was not regarded as virtuous and loyal; as such kinds of relationships were not practiced by the consent of the other partners. This was merely practiced for the lustful purposes of a person. This was not acceptable in older days. Today also if sex outside a marital or love relations are not acceptable if it is done without the consent of the life partner. The major difference is of the consent, in the open relationships that people shared in older days and what they share in today’s date.

Some tips ask your partner for an open relationship

Asking or discussing an open relationship can be terrifying at times as it is difficult to calculate or think about the reaction of your partner. You may be misjudged and it also may happen that you just lose your relationship and bond with your partner. It is therefore very important to talk in a good sense about such things with your partner. Below are some of the tips for asking your partner for open relationships:

  • Simply just do not go and jump straight on the topic of open relationship. You should be patient and should try to know the opinion of your partner on open relationships. If your partner is okay with such kind of relationship then you can discuss the topic with him/her. Otherwise, you first need to make your partners know more about this topic and should try to broaden their thought horizon.
  • Communication is a must for every relation to work. So for anything to start you should have a good verbal combination with full understanding so that there is no communication gap between you and your partner. You should try to give an appropriate reason for your partner as to why you want to have an open relationship. Even if it is for the wide sexual desire you should be vocal and clear about it.
  • It is better to evaluate the kind of bond that you share with your partner. Also, you should try to respect your partner and not directly complain about their bad behavior because of which you want to have a different sexual partner. You should be able to evaluate the status of your relationship and then only jump to any conclusion otherwise everything could become a mess.
  • If both the partners decide to have sexual relations outside the marriage or love relationship then let your spouse take the first step. This would show that you are not very desperate to leave your partner, it is just because of some specific reason you both have chosen this kind of relationship. This will help you to have a smooth relation with your immediate partner.
  • You should always discuss and set the ground rules of the open relationship with your partner. Some open relations are only for having multiple sex partners, some are for having different romantic angles, for some the emotional support matters the most. So you need to discuss the kind of relationship that you would be having outside the marriage or love relationship and also the reasons for it.

It is never to be forgotten to respect your partners’ opinion while you opt for an open relationship. This kind of relationship works on consent so you should always respect the answer and opinion of your partner. Discussion on open marriages or love relationships makes things easier for both partners. So always try to have open communication with warmth with your partner so that the decisions that you both take does not hurt either of you.



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